We offer either an Aluminium or Glass Reinforced Plastic body.

Our standard car comes with a one-piece GRP body shell. Each shell is hand laid by specialists in our production mould and left to cure for several days. Woven Kevlar reinforcement is offered as an option. Once removed from the mould, the shell is trimmed and trial fitted to the chassis before being sent to the body shop. Many hours of preparation are lavished upon the body before the paint is applied.

The Aluminium cars are produced in England by craftsmen using traditional methods. Each body is hand formed and attached to our chassis by the superlegera method of supporting tube work.

We are able to offer a Left Hand Drive version with an Aluminium body. Please contact us for more details.

We also provide you with the option of including an aluminium bonnet, boot and doors to fit the GRP body shell.

Body finish options include race nose highlight (lip around grille) and racing numbers / roundels.

Hand Built Classic Cars