Engine & Transmission

The majority of our cars are built using a Jaguar XK engine. These are available from 2.4 litre through to 4.2 litre displacements.

The choice of installing on Aston Martin engine is always on offer.

The XK engine is very similar in appearance and design to the original Aston Martin engines.

The advantage of using the Jaguar engine is that they, and their spare parts, are more easily sourced.

These are fitted with different gearbox options to suit the engine specification and customer preference.

Borg Worner, Getrag, Tremec, ZF, Moss and Supra boxes have been fitted.

The Jaguar units are completely overhauled by VSE and ore rebuilt to the customer's desired specification.
The engine is therefore covered by a limited warranty through VSE. A rolling road tune up session can be arranged to get the best performance from the engine and gearbox combination.

VSE also able to offer a wide range of upgrades such as triple Weber carburettors, gas-flow head or club sport engine package.

 The engines can also be finished with a choice of cylinder head colours, polished rocker covers, tubular exhaust system in stainless steel and custom air filter plenum chamber.

Hand Built Classic Cars