We have worked very closely to the design of the cars built in the 1950’s whilst incorporating modern engineering techniques in the construction to produce a safe, reliable car.

The front suspension uses an unequal length double wishbone system with a forged steel upright.

Four pot alloy brake packages have been designed specifically for the car.

The rear suspension Is a similar format to that used on original cars and consists of a De-Dion tube axle that is located by four trailing arms and a lateral Watts Linkage.


 Up rated drive shafts feed into cast hub carriers which allow fitment of a variety of disc brake options.

All our suspension components are new, with the exception of the Cosworth Limited Slip Differential unit which is professionally reconditioned.

Avo coil-over dampers ore fitted as standard.

The suspension components are all fully rose jointed and therefore allow a large range of geometry adjustment to suit different driver and track requirements.

Steering is by rack and pinion with a collapsible steering column.

Each car is built to drive and handle like the 1950's car which it emulates. When fitted with period cross-ply tyres a skilled driver can enjoy a real Le Mans experience.

Hand Built Classic Cars